Start-Ups Try To Challenge Google, At Least On Mobile Search

Competition regulator European antitrust charges against Google in the belief that the company’s research activity had become so powerful that it was virtually impossible to compete. But do not tell that Bobby Lo.

What is the founder of Vurb, a start-up in the bustling downtown San Francisco, which features a new type of search engine designed for mobile phones. The idea is to take many common queries – restaurants, movies – and combine them into bits of information and actions related applications.
mobile apps
It is one of a growing number of entrepreneurs are betting that the boom in mobile phones has created an opportunity to do something that seemed unthinkable: to challenge Google in the search.

After a decade in which entrepreneurs and investors clearly have the turf at Google, venture capitalists plowed hundreds of millions of dollars to dozens of new research companies because they say they believe that the giant of the Internet you can dominate the search on mobile devices as it has in personal computers.

“There was a great solution for mobile search,” said Lo.

Venture capitalists funded research 27 companies in 2014 and 33 the year before – the two most active years of history, according to CB Insights, the data on the venture capital industry was in 1999. The largest increase was in mobile search business, according to a report by CB Insights published in March, especially companies that use “deep links” to connect mobile applications how the sites are connected to the Web.

Search remains a tiny startup category, especially in comparison with red hot services like foot-hail or grocery delivery.

“But as the wave of investment at an early stage in the mature mobile search, the area can see the increase in total funding, and the entry of new companies more,” CB Insights said in its report.

Each of these research companies has a slightly different view.

Quixey, which raised $ 135 million in venture capital, according to CB Insights, has a traditional appearance search box that helps people find applications and insider features, such as a button to request a taxi.

A company called URX trying to link the applications that people can perform actions on them jump. Other ideas include placing research in mobile messaging systems or creating new applications to the Home screen using past behavior to predict what the user might want next – a concept Google has already invested in.

“If you ask 100 people if the search is broken or not, 99 say Google is perfect, that’s all it takes,” said John Lilly, partner at Greylock Partners, which backed a search using the name of Jack Mobile “But if you ask them.” How will you understand what to watch on TV tonight or where to go for dinner? “They say that Google does not know, it does research.”

So, while people do not think research is broken, can be improved, Lilly said.

Not surprisingly, many of these companies have links with Google. URX was founded by a former Google employee and is backed by Google Ventures, the venture capital arm of the company. Bento, an application on the main screen which recommends applications based on preferences of a user’s past services, was founded by a former executive of YouTube, who also worked on Google Ventures.

Others share more tangential relationships that highlight how Google with its investments in self-driving vehicles and biotechnology, has deviated from its original business. In the bedroom on the second floor of a Kansas City, Kansas, home service cable Internet Google, Google Fiber, an entrepreneur named Mike Farmer develops a visual search engine with results full of photos and videos with monitoring guidelines.

“The moment you think the game is more is when there is a room to introduce something completely new,” said the farmer.

Behind the new companies is the belief that people use mobile phones differently than themselves and laptops that the search company is ripe for review.

“Whenever there is a platform of change, all that is at stake,” said Keith Rabois, partner at Khosla Ventures, which supported a company called Relcy mobile search. “No businessman would start and no funds, a new web search product.”

The most obvious difference with the mobile is that people have their phones with them all the time, giving companies a lot of research context clues – such as location – so you might want. This is the main idea behind Vurb.

When someone uses Vurb to search for a film, returns a page with comments, the cast and theaters nearby, and links to buy tickets, and the ability to call a taxi. When a user searches for an old movie, the service receives as Netflix streaming applications.

“If I am looking for a movie, chances are you want to do one or two things about it,” said Lo.

Mobile also has several unique challenges to entrenched players like Google. With its constellation of applications and operating systems of the competition, the mobile is a highly fragmented universe, so it is more difficult for a company to index all the most relevant information on how Google indexed the web.

Furthermore, the answer to many of the most common – and lucrative – consultations perfectly the structure within popular applications like Yelp, the local directory service, so it is easier to create research-driven products that they are unlikely to sink Google, but could give “a thousand small leaks,” said Jeremy Kressmann, eMarketer analyst who covers research activities.

This year, smartphone users in the US should spend 81 percent of their time in the mobile Internet within the applications, and 19 percent on the Web, according to eMarketer.

It also benefited from Google, which owns the largest mobile OS in the world, Android, and many of the most popular applications, such as YouTube. Wednesday at an event for advertisers in New York, Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, said the online video service has reached more than 18-49 on mobile phones than any cable network television did.

Of course, Google does not intend to give up control of the research. The company has accumulated 30 billion “deep links” so that your search engine can return information from applications and the Web, and was a serial acquirer of new companies with promising new technologies. And engineers of the company are busy reimagining its research activities for mobile phones.

“Whenever you have a platform for change, to understand what kind of interfaces are correct,” said Aparna Chennapragada, product management director at Google Search companies.

Big paris of society were a voice search tool with Google Now, an application that tries to predict what users are looking for, showing a stack of cards with information in a timely manner using indicators such as events coming in email messages to the user or recent activities in mobile applications and the Web.

Like their competitors start, Chennapragada still do not know exactly what people want.

“Google is now an effort early on,” he said. “We always try to know.”

The 5 Best iPhone Apps of the Month

Try HBO Now, which brings you HBO content without a cable subscription:

It seems like hundreds of new iPhone apps pop up every week, but which ones should you bother trying? We explored the App Store and found some apps actually worth downloading.

Iphone Apps


HBO NOW is HBO’s new standalone streaming service, offering all of the network’s programming for $15 a month sans a cable subscription. You can watch shows like Game of Thrones, Veep, and Silicon Valley as they air, or dive deep into HBO’s back catalog to catch up the City or The Sopranos.



Highball is less of a cocktail recipe app and more of a cocktail diary app, helping you remember exactly how you prefer certain drinks. For example, I like twice as much gin in my Negroni than the normal recipe calls for. Highball allows you to doctor and alter drink recipes, adding measurements as small as a “Pinch” (which will come in extremely handy for the eccentrics who like to add a drop of bitters into everything).

highball app


Request Digne ticket purchase is perfect for those looking for more reliable than Craigslist for resale outside the stadium options. UK-only at the moment, Goofy StubHub combines efficiency and tinder chat feature to get a pretty solid way to purchase tickets directly from other fans.



Dialer makes life easier by putting your contacts more marked on the right in the center of notifications so that you can reach with minimal effort. Basically, what makes your iPhone more useful without complicating the device. While there are other similar apps out there, Dialer is simple and does not need to launch the application each time you want to use.

Dialer App

CARROT Weather:

If you ever wanted to feel like Tony Stark sharp sarcastic AI JARVIS, then CARROT time is the application for you. It is a time adorably designed application you speak, or, more accurately, to talk to you. Met new images on the screen to different climate scenarios and makes checking the weather is a bit of fun instead of tedious.

CARROT Weather App

The 10 Essential Free News Apps For Your iPhone Or iPad

We all want to keep informed and on top of the latest news from around the world. In the span of one or two minutes, everything can change, both locally and internationally, and most likely you want to know all about it. The ideal way is, of course, keeping track of things through your iPhone or iPad.
mobile app

While there are plenty of perfectly suitable mobile sites can navigate such knowledge, applications that are entirely built around iOS are sure to be more attractive, especially if you’ve taken a new iPhone or iPad and want to see only what you can do.

I have ten essential applications that are safe for you keep in the know, in terms of news last quick time and long-form pieces here.

The 5 Best iPhone Apps Of The Week

Try Hopper, which can help you find cheap flights

it seems that hundreds of new iPhone applications appear every week, but what should you bother trying? We explored the App Store and found five applications really worth downloading.

Reuters TV:

If you’re often away from today’s televisions and television news, Reuters TV application might be your best substitute. Send your cell video news in national and international news in the various subjects. You can choose the length of the news you want and topics you want to hear. The first month is free, but after that is $ 1.99 per month.
Reuters TV free on the App Store.

although oil prices are falling, costs for airlines are not following the same trend. Enter Hopper, Kayak increased frugality. This makes it easier to find the cheapest flights by letting you know how changing options such as departure time could get a cheaper trip. It also predicts low price if you are planning a long flight ahead of time.
Hopper is free in the App Store.

Screen Share:
we tend to take screenshots of important things order confirmations, map directions, grocery lists-but the problem is accessing them means scrolling through a folder of photographs to find the one you are looking for. Screen Share is a clever little application you just all that, allowing you to access images right in your notification panel.
Screen Share is $ 0.99 in the App Store.

Camera Nutshell:
Nutshell provides a simple way to create a story with the phone’s camera. First, the application asks you to take three photos on the iPhone. Then, once the photos are uploaded to the application, you can edit the text or graphics. It then creates an elegant visual timeline that can be edited to your satisfaction before sending email or text messages to your contacts.
House Nutshell is free in the App Store.

Ever try to meet with a group of friends in a crowded place, like a concert or a park? Lookfor makes it easier showing a flashing light colors on the screen, which makes it easy Point Lighthouse. As ridiculous as it sounds, the application will probably help you find your friends much more easily than ever.
LookFor is available for $ 0.99 on the App Store.

5 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps You Can Download For Free Right Now (A $30 Value!)

Bummed that CES 2015 is over? Do not worry – we will try to encourage him by telling about some iPhone applications for payment that can be downloaded for free for a limited time. Together, these five applications typically will cost a total of $ 30, but you can get them all for free if you act now. Hurry!
Applications that have been made available for free for a limited time by its developers are paid iPhone and iPad. No way to know how long they will be free. These sales could end in an hour or a week from now – obviously the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price next to an application instead of the word “receive” which is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the application, you will be charged.
Normally $ 1.99.

Mujo is a unique puzzle game with features not found in any other game. Let’s start collecting tiles and delete all of them to attack the monsters!

This game is endless! Enjoy whenever you want as long as you like.

= How do I play =
Stack of three or more connected tiles holding sword down.
Most chips are stacked, the most offensive power they get!
Then click on three or more swords after arranging them together. It can cause damage to the monsters and defeat them.
Destroy monsters of Greek myths that appear one after another.

= Add gods in his troop =
A variety of gods of Greek myths can appear out of the treasure chests emerging from time to time! Be your allies. Win through battles against monsters while using the various capabilities of the gods.

Hub File
normally $ 3.99

Millions ↳ Hub file used every day to manage your files.
↳ the latest version is compatible with AV streaming from SMB / NAS, including native HD video formats.

File Hub helps you access the files on your iOS device, Service Cloud and remote computer. It’s powerful and intuitive, view, play many file formats, easily transfer files between computer and iOS devices and manage files via the browser on your computer.

I Superslo
normally $ 1.99.

Slow motion video easily. Record, export, and convert SuperSlo slow motion.

• Record high frame rate video in slow motion soft butter.

• Save photos directly-no watermarks, no In-App Purchase required.

• Easily convert any video in the library of your choice from the playback speed from ⅛x all the way up to 8x addition to crop, adjust the speed and accelerate points and choose how audio tone that sounds best for your video.

• Export with super-fast lossless encoder or choose a fixed framerate SuperSlo output for maximum compatibility.

We hope you enjoy SuperSlo and cannot wait to hear your comments, you can email right from within the application.

Lumen Trails Wrokout-Tracker +
Normally $ 19.99.

Trails Lumen is an omni tracker. It lets you take notes, make lists and keep track of other things in life, such as time, workouts, expenses, calories, food, weight, sleep or anything else you can think of. Thousands of people use every day, and they love it because it really makes a difference in their lives.

The beauty of traces of Lumen is that you can track anything. There are plenty of other applications that allow you to track one or two things, for example, calories and weight. But what if you decide to track something else? Say, how many cigarettes you smoke as you try to quit smoking, eating habits or even net worth? Trails Lumen is the app for that!

Instead of having an application for your to-do lists, one for tracking expenses, another to track your weight, you can declutter your home screen and there is only one application that does it all.

Designed exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Senderos Lumen is incredibly powerful and easy to use, and looks beautiful on the Retina Display HD. You can even backup your data automatically to Google Drive, sync with iCloud, and is fully accessible with Apple VoiceOver in 8 languages. There is nothing that comes close to it. And to top it off, your data is not locked in your iPhone. You can export to Excel or Google Docs!

So what is really important to you at this time? Your health? Fitness? Finance? Productivity?

Follow him and get things done!

Translate Keyboard Pro
Normally $ 1.99.

Translate Keyboard Pro ™ is a native keyboard that allow you to write text on the keyboard and instantly translated into other languages 90 recipients. You can use this keyboard in any application on iOS 8 (Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Mail, Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat, etc)

Now you can chat with anyone in any language, and now you can write in any language of the world. You can even use this keyboard as a tool for learning any foreign language. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Tired of switching between your favorite application and implementation of translator? If so, this is the perfect app for you. Translate Keyboard with just type, translate and send.

Microsoft Updates Skype For Windows, Windows Phone With New Features

Microsoft announced last week an update for Skype for Windows and Skype for Windows Phone applications. While Skype for Windows has been updated to version 7.0, Skype for Windows Phone now comes with version 2.25. Both new applications have some new functionality for users.

Skype for Windows, Microsoft has added the ability to make a video call other Skype contacts in Lync and vice versa. This means that customers of Skype and Lync can reach more colleagues, partners and customers, simplifying communications through both work and life,” said Elaine Ansell Skype on the company blog.


The new Skype for Windows 7.0 application comes with support for touch screen, through which users can navigate through the pages, tap to answer or terminate calls and other functions. Microsoft has also brought a redesigned user interface with a compact view during a video call, even color scheme and a switch to show unread messages, which appeared in October. Lync is a service company focused on communication which was acquired by Microsoft in May 2011.

As users of Windows Phone, Skype 2.25 update brings bigger and better message management system emoticons.

The Skype v2.25 for Windows Phone now will have big emoticons in the conversation thread. Users will also be able to delete messages and clear conversations. However, “remember the messages still show on other platforms,” said Lara Kingwell another company blog.

In addition to a best time of upload dialog, especially when opened from the notification tray, the Skype for Windows Phone also be able to see the avatars group. Adding groups to the favorites section is also possible.

Microsoft also announced that users of Windows Phone Skype Qik Qik Fliks can now send prerecorded messages with the latest update.

iOS Security Hole Allows Attackers To Poison Already Installed iPhone Apps

“Masque attack” could expose the bank details, emails, and other sensitive data.


Security researchers have warned of a security hole in Apple’s iOS devices that could allow attackers to replace legitimate applications with booby traps, an exploit that could expose passwords, emails or other sensitive user data.

The attack “Masque”, as described by researchers at security firm Fire Eye, is based on the supply of the company to replace banking, email, or other legitimate applications already installed on a proprietary telephone created by a malicious adversary. From there, the attacker can use the Access application sends malicious emails, tokens login credentials or other data belonging to the legitimate application.

“The Masque attacks can replace real applications, such as banking and email applications, the use of malware attacker on the Internet,” the researchers wrote in a blog Fire Eye released Monday. “That means the attacker can steal banking credentials from users by replacing a real banking application with malware that has the same user interface. Surprisingly, malware can still access local data of the original application, was not removed when the original application is replaced. These data can contain cached emails or login-tokens that malware can use to log into the user account directly. ”

The attack works by presenting a specific phone with the same type of digital certificate from large corporations use to install custom applications on iPhones and iPads for employees, provided that both the legitimate application and malicious application use the same packet identifier. The attack requires some sort of decoy to fool a goal in installing the malicious application, possibly billed as an update out of band or track to an already installed application. Recently, researchers found evidence of attacks may be circulating online, said without elaborating. The technique does not work with pre-installed iOS apps like Mobile Safari. Fire Eye researchers said they reported the vulnerability to Apple in July.

“By leveraging Masque attack, an attacker can trick a victim to install an application with a misleading name crafted by the attacker (like New Angry Bird) and the iOS system will be used to replace a legitimate application with the same identifier package “Monday’s report said.”Attack Masque could not replace own applications platform as Apple Mobile Safari, but you can replace the installed applications from the App Store.” From there, attackers can:

Imitate interface logon application replaced to steal login credentials victims
Local caches application data assigned to replace to steal access emails, Session Tokens or other sensitive data
Install custom programming interfaces are not approved by Apple on phones of victims
Skip the normal architecture built into iOS application sandbox and get root access by exploiting known possibly iOS, such as those recently conducted by the team of Pangu vulnerabilities.

Fire Eye researchers documented the following example attack proof of concept:

In one of our experiments, we used an application on the company with a packet identifier “” with a title “New Flappy Bird.” We signed this application from a certified company. When you install this application from a web page, which replaced the original Gmail app on the phone.


Figure 1 illustrates this process. Figure 1 (a) (b) show the genuine Gmail application installed on the device with 22 unread e-mails. Figure 1 (c) shows that the victim was lured to install an application on the local called “New Flappy Bird” of a site. Note that “New Flappy Bird” is the title of this application and the attacker can set it to an arbitrary value in the preparation of this application. However, this application has a packet identifier “”.

After the victim clicks on “Install”, Figure 1 (d) shows the application of the house was replacing the original Gmail app during installation. Figure 1 (e) shows that the original Gmail app was replaced by the application in the enterprise. After the installation, open the new “Gmail” application the user is automatically registered with almost the same user interface except for a small text box at the top that says “yes, you are pwned” which designed to easily illustrate the attack. Attackers will not be displayed as a courtesy to real-world attacks. Meanwhile, the emails stored in the local cache authentic original Gmail application, which were stored in plain text in a sqlite3 database as shown in Figure 2, are loaded into a remote server.

Note that Attack Masque completely passing over the wireless network, without relying on connecting the device to a computer.


Message Monday comes a few days after researchers discovered a Palo Alto Networks active malware campaign also abused company certificates to install unwanted apps on iPhones & iPads. The post FireEye WireLurker described as a “limited form of attacks Masque to attack iOS devices via USB. Attacks Masque can be a lot bigger than WireLurker threat.”

The attacks can be prevented by installing only the applications that come from official App Store of Apple. Users who encounter dialogs third party websites requesting permission to update existing applications or install new ones should be especially suspect. Users must promptly uninstall all applications that return a warning saying that “Untrusted App Developer.”