The 5 Best iPhone Apps Of The Week

Try Hopper, which can help you find cheap flights

it seems that hundreds of new iPhone applications appear every week, but what should you bother trying? We explored the App Store and found five applications really worth downloading.

Reuters TV:

If you’re often away from today’s televisions and television news, Reuters TV application might be your best substitute. Send your cell video news in national and international news in the various subjects. You can choose the length of the news you want and topics you want to hear. The first month is free, but after that is $ 1.99 per month.
Reuters TV free on the App Store.

although oil prices are falling, costs for airlines are not following the same trend. Enter Hopper, Kayak increased frugality. This makes it easier to find the cheapest flights by letting you know how changing options such as departure time could get a cheaper trip. It also predicts low price if you are planning a long flight ahead of time.
Hopper is free in the App Store.

Screen Share:
we tend to take screenshots of important things order confirmations, map directions, grocery lists-but the problem is accessing them means scrolling through a folder of photographs to find the one you are looking for. Screen Share is a clever little application you just all that, allowing you to access images right in your notification panel.
Screen Share is $ 0.99 in the App Store.

Camera Nutshell:
Nutshell provides a simple way to create a story with the phone’s camera. First, the application asks you to take three photos on the iPhone. Then, once the photos are uploaded to the application, you can edit the text or graphics. It then creates an elegant visual timeline that can be edited to your satisfaction before sending email or text messages to your contacts.
House Nutshell is free in the App Store.

Ever try to meet with a group of friends in a crowded place, like a concert or a park? Lookfor makes it easier showing a flashing light colors on the screen, which makes it easy Point Lighthouse. As ridiculous as it sounds, the application will probably help you find your friends much more easily than ever.
LookFor is available for $ 0.99 on the App Store.


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