2 must-have iPhone apps for keeping on top of the news

eeping up with the news used to be pretty simple. You picked up your favorite tabloid or broadsheet newspaper on the way to work, or tuned into a scheduled news bulletin at some point on the radio or TV.

The Internet has transformed the way in which news is created and distributed though. Keeping up with the colossal melting pot of professional news outlets, blogs and citizen journalists can be a huge headache. Where do you check first? How do you keep up when you only have a smartphone to hand?
2 must-have iPhone apps for keeping on top of the news2 must-have iPhone apps for keeping on top of the news

A swathe of newsreader apps is available on the App Store, but only a small selection is worth your time and attention. Here, we run down a selection of the best supported on the iPhone.
Flipboard (Free)

Flipboard strives to repackage the best content on the web as mobile-centric digital magazines. Better yet, it gives you granular control over what news sources are included in each faux-publication. Essentially, you can use the app to create your dream magazine.

This beautiful newsreader app can also leverage content from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. You decide which accounts you want to connect, as well as choosing from content categories such as technology, design, business or politics.

You can subscribe to individual blogs and sources using the red ribbon icon, or save specific articles for posterity in a personalized magazine. Above all, Flipboard also offers a beautiful, clean reading experience with its trademark ‘flip’ animation between pages.
Circa (Free)

Circa is a relatively young app, but its treatment of news stories and streamlined interface makes it an incredibly exciting prospect. Instead of simply regurgitating articles from the Web, Circa uses a team of in-house editors to create new, bite-sized stories with only the essential facts, quotes or photos.

These are then isolated so only a single story segment is visible on-screen at any one time. The concise nature of each ‘chunk’ and the shorter length of Circa’s articles help you to burst through the news easily and efficiently.

In short, it’s news reimagined for mobile. The app has been built from the ground-up to help users who want to scan over the news in a short space of time. There’s only a handful of news categories for now, but we expect that roster to grow pretty quickly.


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