Uber Re-Launches Windows Phone App With The ‘Complete Experience’

Taxi and Uber Internet Travel based in San Francisco Age has relaunched its Windows Phone application for consumers.

Last year, the official app for Windows Phone Uber was removed from the Windows Phone Store when users realized that the application provides access to Uber through their mobile site. But now the company says that the new app is optimized for the Windows Phone platform, and reflects the “full experience Uber ‘.
The Uber Phone Windows application is now available for download in the Windows Phone Store.

Also, Uber is also offering users free two trips Lumia worth Rs. 500 each in the login for the service through the phone application Windows Uber.

Uber announced the launch of its official blog and said: “We are very pleased to launch a new application of Uber for Windows Phone, available for free download in the Windows Store Phone Users we will be able to open the Uber app on your! Windows Phone anywhere in the world – whether in the United States, India and France -. perfectly and get a safe and reliable travel at the touch of a button ”

“The availability of the Uber app – in over 150 cities and 41 countries – and international adoption of Windows Phone means you can connect to the Windows Phone community like never before,” said the blog.

Earlier this month, on July 18 Uber offered to deliver ice cream to door in 144 cities across 38 countries and 6 continents. The list includes India, and had 6 cities – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune – where customers were able to make use of the offer.

The service was UberIceCream event once a year, similar to helicopter rides Father’s Day. Notably, the company has been offering the service UberIceCream occasionally for a couple of years in different countries.

Last month, the company had launched a new service called Travel low cost UberX. Was launched on June 25 in three cities – Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi.


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