The Curved iPhone 6 Screen Is Great News For Consumers, But Still Leaves iOS Developers In The Dark

The almost weekly leaking details about the new screen on the iPhone 6 continue. This week was 9to5Mac images of the glass layer of the screen, showing a more rounded profile. If this is the actual design (as always, the jury is out until the release of the final product), then the style of the iPhone 6 edges will be in line with phones like the Nexus 4 and Lumia 925.

In all these leaks, it emphasized the bright superficiality of the iPhone 6.’S Avalanche of stories I place the iPhone 6 (or whatever Apple decides to call it) on a pedestal, to be regarded with respect and admiration, and allowing readers the thrill and honor to get the phone early, before the rest of the world.

Items also have the practical effect of driving traffic, so as always my Taniyama-Shimura variant is in effect.


Many of these leaks are of the supply chain that must necessarily be in place for the construction of the next iPhone, which will all be preparing for production at this time so there will be enough stock to put the phone on sale as soon as possible after the announcement.

With the different parts that make up the outer casing of the new iPhone cover last minute third profitable industry that has accumulated around protectors can start building their own actions to launch the phone. That is the real prize in the filtration of physical details. What it means is that these manufacturers are going to take a bit of a gamble, but the reward of being ready on day zero with a suitable case to be a profitable bet that many companies are willing to take – part of the BBC’s Mark Gregory is a good example of the time pressures that case designers will be under the imminent release of the next iPhone.


Hardware designers have a chain of large, porous supplies to help you prepare for the launch, unfortunately, iOS developers have nothing to go to the design for the new screen size.


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