5 Of The Best Smart Calendar Apps For Your iPhone

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Apple revealed some amazing features in its next productivity Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month – features that move seamlessly between users of OS X and iOS. Despite all the highlights, the team at Apple did not announce any change in one of the most important applications iOS: Calendar.

Do not worry! While we will certainly see some changes in the calendar app default iOS, there are plenty of calendar applications from reliable third parties available on the App Store with the social network and Refresh this integration that makes organizing your day be even easier.
1. Tempo

the Tempo team based in Menlo Park is “on a mission to save you time and hassle.” Tempo is focused on the use of artificial intelligence to access your social networks so you can find contact information quickly, regardless of whether the information is sitting in your iOS contact list, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any elsewhere.

2. Cal

On the heels of its award-winning productivity application, the team based in San Francisco Any.Do launched Cal No, it has nothing to do with the local school of the UC; is a calendar application wrapped in flame. As is the case with all applications we saw, syncs with your iOS Calendar application, which means that anything you do in Cal Any.Do ‘s will appear in your OS X, iOS or Google Calendar application and vice versa.

3. Mynd

the Palo Alto Alminder team is responsible for Mynd, an application that claims “not only record things to do, but actually helps to do them.” The team works hard to deliver on that promise with no less than four salient features.

4. UpTo

UpTo takes a different approach for the full schedule. With a focus on social, UpTo allows you to “follow” the publicly shared (not unlike shared calendars Google Calendar) Calendar. What is really interesting is how UpTo-interface integrates these shared personal calendars and events regular business user. The net effect is an application that it is full of content and free of debris.

5. Amanecer

At first sunrise of Sunrise Atelier seems basic. The application has a traditional view of his time with an interface that includes days, months, and display shelf weeks. Sunrise also packs in support time zone, along with the time based on the location and support of Google Maps to get directions.

But where Dawn really gets interesting is in the way is a natural platform rather than a calendar application. It is available in iOS (with dedicated interfaces for iPhone and iPad), Android and desktop via a powerful web application, which means that users can engage with an interface no matter what device they are.


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