Bloomberg: 4.7-inch And 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Models Could Launch At The Same Time

After several reports indicated that Apple iPhone suppliers, including Foxconn and Pegatron are they ready for the iPhone 6, Bloomberg intervened saying the two iPhone 6 bigger models will enter mass production in July. The publication has learned from people familiar with the matter that the two have 6 models of iPhone screens 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, and could thus be released in September.


However, Apple is apparently some manufacturing problems with the larger model of iPhone 6, which has to overcome “a lower production efficiency” before volume can be increased.

Older iPhones should help Apple to better compete against Android, especially in the many markets where buyers often purchase smartphones with larger screens. The publication reveals that in China, 40% of Android devices sold in 2014 had larger 5-inch screens, according to an estimate by Forrester Research.

Bloomberg also said that the new models of iPhone 6 are rounder and thinner than its predecessors, who are consistent with the impressive number of different leaks, basically showing the same fake iPhone 6 units have shown.

“Apple is developing innovative iPhone including larger screens with curved glass and improved sensors that can detect different levels of pressure, Bloomberg News reported in November,” wrote the publication. “Called glass 2.5 sizes, material manufacturers allow the edges of the screen where the bezel meets the framework of a smartphone narrow.”

However, Bloomberg revealed no specific hardware details or release dates, either for iPhone Version 6.


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