Apple Wants You To Get Rid Of ‘Chicken Fat’ Using Its iPhone

Last TV commercial electronics giant shows its smartphone people who use the device to track your fitness, even before HealthKit is available.

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone ad during the Stanley Cup. Apple

Apple might not be ready to keep track of your health with HealthKit yet, but want to remind you how the iPhone can now help you get fit.

The Cupertino, California, company on Wednesday launched a new television ad in its “You are more powerful than you think” campaign. At the peak, iPhone users swimming, running and weighed, all while connected to applications on their smart phones and accessories in use.

And they are working on a track called “chicken fat.” The song in the ad was originally composed for the physical fitness program of President John F. Kennedy and was performed by Robert Preston. The recordings of the song were sent to the school authorities of the United States to accompany the official U.S. program Physical Fitness President’s Council on Physical Fitness.

“Go chicken fat, go away,” says the song, which sounds like it is backed by a band. “Go you chicken fat, go.”


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