Threadless Launches New Type Tees iPhone App

Global design community Threadless Type Tees has launched a new mobile application that permits users to make custom text-based instant t from their mobile devices. Tees’s kind users can upload personal slogans for the application, styling text with more than 20 types of prefabricated letter, then sort and share your creations simply and easily socially. Released one month after the launch of the Threadless iOS application Tees’s type gives a method for people to create their own personal shirt, regardless of the skills of graphic design or art experience.
“The idea of the Type Tees app was inspired by the lots of slogans presented at Threadless,” said Jake Nickell, founder of Threadless and CEO, in a press release. “We were getting more slogans that could feasibly impression, and this app is a fun and engaging solution that allows anyone to bring their words to life in a shirt.”
Threadless Launches New Type Tees iPhone App
As with the implementation of Threadless, Type Tees app was developed by Prolific Interactive, a company in New York & San Francisco, specializing in mobile products from largest and main brands and startups. Both the kind & applications Threadless tees are now available for free download through the Apple AppStore.


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