Windows Phone Operating System

Windows Phone is the latest working system on the market and it was launched last year in 2012. Windows Phone has established that specs don’t issue if the operating system is ideal for the hardware necessities. This has even eluded iPhone which sees dramatic boosts in system act with improved hardware. With Windows Phone the process is always fast and rapid fluid & smooth regardless of which hardware requirement you are utilizing.

Windows Phone Operating System

To explain that declaration Windows Phone was launched with requirements of 1 gigahertz processor, 5 megapixel camera, 256 system RAM, DirectX9 rendering, FM radio tuner, accelerometer & ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, helped GPS, capacitive 4 point multi-touch screen, 800 X 480 screen resolution & 6 dedicated hardware buttons consisting of back, search, begin, 2 stage camera, power/sleep & volume. The made in RAM & non detachable SD cards are tested to meet operational needs. A Windows Phone is necessary to turn on & be completely operational within thirty seconds from the time you press the power button. My 1st generation Dell Venue Pro is up & running in twenty one seconds. The second generation Nokia Lumia 710 in my home is up & running in sixteen seconds.


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