iPhone 5S Release Rumors


If you already have a device, it is very unlikely that Apple will ever be happy with a product from another company. The latest smartphone business covers iPhone 5S launch of new markets. In fact, there is a small version of the iPhone 5S rumors these days.

Although there is no certainty as to the exact date of release of the iPhone 5S, it seems more likely that this phone will be available in October, not September, when most people expect (or hope). According to reliable sources, the company has a number of barriers to the production took a couple of extra weeks to respond. I Phone 6 release will be delayed a month in December 2013. However, there are persistent rumors that I6 will be launched. Only in Q1 2024

In addition to the release date, which is really exciting is the hobby of the new features of the phone. Apple, as a rule, arranged in particular for the new phone, but the rumors are more potent than others.

For one, the new mobile platform iOS 7.Telephony also rapidly improved and easier to use than its predecessors, thanks to an advanced processor and 4G.Positioned iPhone have also more advanced than the previous. It should be also improved retinal display. Buy genuine suspicion that the new Apple iPhone 5S will include also the detection of fingerprints for security. According to others, the house is a little button on the front panel see (which may or may not be true), show that it has several sensors.


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