How The iPhone And Oil Prices Are Propelling The Best U.S. Economy In Years

In our minds, the price of gas has a huge impact. It’s hard to spend more than a day or two without seeing what it costs to fill your car at a nearby station, given the prominent indication of prices. And lately the price has been directed in one direction – down. Thanks almost entirely to drop about $ 30 on the price of a barrel of oil, much of the decline in just the past few weeks, gas prices are at multi-year low and many Americans have a little more to spend elsewhere.

A popular place to put that money has recently been on a new Apple iPhone, which went on sale just over a month since the price on the pump started their recent free fall. Because the economic effects are complex, none of them is an unqualified victory for the US economy. But overall, it is likely to help the country to finish 2014 with one of its strongest since the financial crisis of 2008 results.


How large can be a bit of phone?

Michael Feroli, chief economist of the US JPMorgan Chase said the New York Times smartphone Apple has a great importance. “The iPhone is having a measurable impact. This is a small gadget, but it costs a lot and it seems that everyone has one. By doing the multiplication, to be imported.” His estimate is that sales of the iPhone added 1 / 4 1/3 of a point of GDP.

Notably, similar Feroli had to say things again in 2012, when the iPhone 5 was new. At that time, he estimated that 8 million new phones were sold in the country in the fourth quarter with about $ 400 margin. In any case, reports earlier this cycle and the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, suggest that demand is stronger than ever. Feroli reality is more cautious with his estimate of the contribution of GDP this time even though the profit margin Apple phone is almost the same and the iPhone’s popularity has not faded.

But a cautious tone on the overall impact sounds, too. People who buy iPhones may have less money to spend elsewhere. Last month, the Commerce Department reported electronics and appliance sales rose 3.4%, while apparel fell 1.2%. “People are buying iPhones, partly as a status symbol,” Feroli told the Times. “They are not buying as much clothing.”

But it will never be the oil?

The effect of substitution of one good for another makes it seem that lower oil prices are just a winner, then. For every penny that you pay at the pump, which is one more than you can put into buying something else. But oil and Apple have become opposites in a rather intriguing way that makes things less clear. When the iPhone maker was young and outselling Macs in the 1980s, was a largely domestic company. All its profits are made here and stayed here. Today, the majority of iPhones are sold abroad and the economic impact they sit there, so the prospect of Apple to sell 60 million phones this quarter has dizzying meteorologists on US GDP.

Of course, the country was also importing the majority of its oil at the time, too. When prices fell, the pain that was felt especially in the Middle East as oil revenues fell along with them. With imports down to 1/3 of oil supplies, lower prices now beat in our own backyard, through places like Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota. Although there is concern that even lower prices could reduce investment in US oil production and increasing imports of oil again, even $ 80 a barrel means that profits fall drillers US . This leads to a smaller number of new jobs created in an industry responsible for 2 million and, according to Daniel Yergin, energy analyst and author of The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World.

As Yergin did not put a value of GDP in lower oil prices, Capital Economics Andrew Kenningham quartz speculated that oil below $ 90 a barrel for a full year could add 0.5% to GDP. That is more important than one quarter of iPhone impact, but requires low prices to persist for some time – an uncertain bet in an uncertain world.

Meanwhile, a global phenomenon (the iPhone) and a global product (oil) are both working their magic on the US economy, often together. These prices mean lower gas more than $ 10 billion a month in the hands of consumers rather than the oil companies. And 10 billion dollars can buy a lot of iPhones.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus May Be Tough To Find Through The Holidays

When asked if the supply will begin to reach the demand, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “We’re not even on the same planet.”

iphone6, iphone 6 plus

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus still face inventory issues.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that demand for the new iPhones is much higher than supply.

The result: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can still be a difficult device to find through the holidays.

While Apple’s suppliers have increased production of new iPhones, Cook said that the available supply of iPhones is not even close to meeting customer demand. “We’re not even on the same planet,” he said in a conference call to discuss results for the fourth fiscal quarter of the company.

The comments illustrate the continued strength of the iPhone franchise, which received a boost after Apple adopted a larger screen size – 4.7 inches for the iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches for the iPhone 6 Plus – and introduced new features such pay as your Apple mobile payment service. The demand has led Apple to sell 39.3 million units in the fourth fiscal quarter, which boosted the company’s revenues and profits beyond expectations of Wall Street.

“We’re selling everything we’re doing,” he said.

Cook declined to elaborate on the mix between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 largest Plus, saying it is not fair to look at the mixture, because everything is selling. He noted that Apple saw an improvement in demand for all countries, which he called unusual.

“Not a bad problem to have,” he said.

Zillow Adds Mortgage Preapproval Tool To iOS Mobile Apps

Zillow has added its new mortgage preapproval tool for iOS mobile applications portal for consumers, giving buyers the ability to secure a letter of pre-approval in minutes while out house hunting.

The tool pre-approval, which launched in March Zillow allows homebuyers to receive a preapproval letter a few minutes to share their relevant income, debt and personal information. First prompted buyers to complete a short questionnaire about your income, credit score and monthly debt gives them a pre-planned amount of loan approval.

So if you are interested in continuing the process after seeing this estimate, users enter their name, email address and phone number, making research your loan immediately available to lenders on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace. Lenders can then pull ‘credit scores and if they meet borrowers with potential lenders rules, send a letter of pre-approval to share with your agent or home seller and save, print or email.

“Buying a home can be very competitive today due to inventory shortages,” said Erin Lantz, vice president of mortgage Zillow, said in a statement. “Having the ability to obtain a pre-approval letter instantly can be the difference between getting and losing a home buyer who is better prepared.”

Uber Re-Launches Windows Phone App With The ‘Complete Experience’

Taxi and Uber Internet Travel based in San Francisco Age has relaunched its Windows Phone application for consumers.

Last year, the official app for Windows Phone Uber was removed from the Windows Phone Store when users realized that the application provides access to Uber through their mobile site. But now the company says that the new app is optimized for the Windows Phone platform, and reflects the “full experience Uber ‘.
The Uber Phone Windows application is now available for download in the Windows Phone Store.

Also, Uber is also offering users free two trips Lumia worth Rs. 500 each in the login for the service through the phone application Windows Uber.

Uber announced the launch of its official blog and said: “We are very pleased to launch a new application of Uber for Windows Phone, available for free download in the Windows Store Phone Users we will be able to open the Uber app on your! Windows Phone anywhere in the world – whether in the United States, India and France -. perfectly and get a safe and reliable travel at the touch of a button “

“The availability of the Uber app – in over 150 cities and 41 countries – and international adoption of Windows Phone means you can connect to the Windows Phone community like never before,” said the blog.

Earlier this month, on July 18 Uber offered to deliver ice cream to door in 144 cities across 38 countries and 6 continents. The list includes India, and had 6 cities – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune – where customers were able to make use of the offer.

The service was UberIceCream event once a year, similar to helicopter rides Father’s Day. Notably, the company has been offering the service UberIceCream occasionally for a couple of years in different countries.

Last month, the company had launched a new service called Travel low cost UberX. Was launched on June 25 in three cities – Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi.

Google Analytics Gets Its Own Dedicated iPhone App

Google has released an official app for Google Analytics for iPhone, providing the same information that is used from your web control panel to your mobile device, including visits, fonts, page views and views of user behavior. The application also provides real-time reporting, which provides control of site activity that develops.

The real-time analysis can be a unique feature for this mobile application, which means website operators can now obtain information at a glance on the current activity of your site directly in your pocket, instead of resorting the web or without owning an Android app, where the mobile analysis software made its first appearance in June. Back when the application launched, Google had said it was “definitely thinking” about a release iOS to follow – and with this release comes less than a month later; it seems they were thinking hard enough.

The Curved iPhone 6 Screen Is Great News For Consumers, But Still Leaves iOS Developers In The Dark

The almost weekly leaking details about the new screen on the iPhone 6 continue. This week was 9to5Mac images of the glass layer of the screen, showing a more rounded profile. If this is the actual design (as always, the jury is out until the release of the final product), then the style of the iPhone 6 edges will be in line with phones like the Nexus 4 and Lumia 925.

In all these leaks, it emphasized the bright superficiality of the iPhone 6.’S Avalanche of stories I place the iPhone 6 (or whatever Apple decides to call it) on a pedestal, to be regarded with respect and admiration, and allowing readers the thrill and honor to get the phone early, before the rest of the world.

Items also have the practical effect of driving traffic, so as always my Taniyama-Shimura variant is in effect.


Many of these leaks are of the supply chain that must necessarily be in place for the construction of the next iPhone, which will all be preparing for production at this time so there will be enough stock to put the phone on sale as soon as possible after the announcement.

With the different parts that make up the outer casing of the new iPhone cover last minute third profitable industry that has accumulated around protectors can start building their own actions to launch the phone. That is the real prize in the filtration of physical details. What it means is that these manufacturers are going to take a bit of a gamble, but the reward of being ready on day zero with a suitable case to be a profitable bet that many companies are willing to take – part of the BBC’s Mark Gregory is a good example of the time pressures that case designers will be under the imminent release of the next iPhone.


Hardware designers have a chain of large, porous supplies to help you prepare for the launch, unfortunately, iOS developers have nothing to go to the design for the new screen size.

5 Of The Best Smart Calendar Apps For Your iPhone

How you can leverage mobile to increase the profitability of your business? Discover in MobileBeat, VentureBeat seventh annual event on the future of mobile telephony, 8-9 July in San Francisco. There are only a few entries!
Apple revealed some amazing features in its next productivity Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month – features that move seamlessly between users of OS X and iOS. Despite all the highlights, the team at Apple did not announce any change in one of the most important applications iOS: Calendar.

Do not worry! While we will certainly see some changes in the calendar app default iOS, there are plenty of calendar applications from reliable third parties available on the App Store with the social network and Refresh this integration that makes organizing your day be even easier.
1. Tempo

the Tempo team based in Menlo Park is “on a mission to save you time and hassle.” Tempo is focused on the use of artificial intelligence to access your social networks so you can find contact information quickly, regardless of whether the information is sitting in your iOS contact list, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any elsewhere.

2. Cal

On the heels of its award-winning productivity application, the team based in San Francisco Any.Do launched Cal No, it has nothing to do with the local school of the UC; is a calendar application wrapped in flame. As is the case with all applications we saw, syncs with your iOS Calendar application, which means that anything you do in Cal Any.Do ‘s will appear in your OS X, iOS or Google Calendar application and vice versa.

3. Mynd

the Palo Alto Alminder team is responsible for Mynd, an application that claims “not only record things to do, but actually helps to do them.” The team works hard to deliver on that promise with no less than four salient features.

4. UpTo

UpTo takes a different approach for the full schedule. With a focus on social, UpTo allows you to “follow” the publicly shared (not unlike shared calendars Google Calendar) Calendar. What is really interesting is how UpTo-interface integrates these shared personal calendars and events regular business user. The net effect is an application that it is full of content and free of debris.

5. Amanecer

At first sunrise of Sunrise Atelier seems basic. The application has a traditional view of his time with an interface that includes days, months, and display shelf weeks. Sunrise also packs in support time zone, along with the time based on the location and support of Google Maps to get directions.

But where Dawn really gets interesting is in the way is a natural platform rather than a calendar application. It is available in iOS (with dedicated interfaces for iPhone and iPad), Android and desktop via a powerful web application, which means that users can engage with an interface no matter what device they are.